Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

VW impressions from OZ...

Hi lads,
i really need to get rid of a few nice pics of my trip downunder two years ago:) As you can see they show a couple of impressions of my trip including some of the best aircooled views as well. The first pic shows one of the fastest bugs on the dragstrip of Warwick up in Queensland. For me a proper car and really made me weak on my knees. That day was one of the hottest and most sticky one up in the 40's but no VW got "killed" during the drags;) The second pic shows quite a rare kind of kit car from OZ. It's called "Ascot" and is made up of fibreglass and I and a bit of bondo too;) We also have seen some split buses in the heat, as a barndoor combi and some abandoned cars in the middle of nowhere, but unfortunately most of them were far from resurrection...

So that's for now, see ya at Ludwigsburg this weekend guys

Hang on


rare beast based in OZ...

YES, the Ford Falcon was watercooled!!!

A combi bench on the beach in Tasmania

Stupid europeans...;)

the small roadtrain was mine:)

A junkyard north of Adelaide

No, it was not worth saving

A barndoor on the 83, rare as well!

Polished BRM's in Byron Bay

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